Monday, April 27, 2009

Legendary Locale #2

The Ivyland Ballroom: A 2 story building. Restaurant and dance floor located on first floor. Business offices for the legendary "Wisconsin Chopper" are on the second floor, as are living quarters for his 5 henchmen, who are always on duty. Access to the basement is gained by asking "what time does the next train leave for Lake Geneva ?" The basement is quite large and is the location for a gambling eneterprise as well as a bar. Visitors are always frisked before going upstairs or to the "train station" in the basement.

"Wisconsin Chopper" ('The man, the myth, the legend') MS=23 AG=24 OB=76 DR=88 PR=10 LK=79 HP=19
Special Weapons ability, Driving, 3 Street Contacts, 7 Political contacts, 1 Hospital contact
Weapon: Thompson machine gun Vehicle: 3 passenger roadster
Safe House: 18th & Clark Warehouse: Canal & 18th
4 units of gambling equipment, large still (20 barrels/week)

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