Thursday, April 23, 2009

Legendary Locales #1

Betty's Diner, ah the memories.
Betty McGill owner/cook (level 2 citizen, age=??)MS=91 AG=48 OB=96 DR=72 PR=8 LK=32 HP=18 PU=5 Police record: multiple petty crimes, 6 years in state prison
Betty is a feisty "broad", hardened by years of exposure to the rough & tumble life. Her diner is a well known hangout for low level criminals. The food is lousy and the coffee is drek. Don't mess with Betty as she carries a meat cleaver and a .38 revolver.

Mary Reagan (level 1 worker, age=17) MS=48 AG=52 OB=13 DR=29 PR=8 LK=22 HP=15 PU=1
The kind, sweet and innocent Mary Reagan, recently arrived from Ireland, doing her best to make a life in her new country. Volunteers at the animal shelter

Bob Flynn (level 1 criminal, age=22) MS=28 AG=61 OB=22 DR=50 PR=4 LK=33 HP=9 PU=4 Bald, Skills: Pickpocket=62 Hotwiring=55
Just hanging out at Betty's enjoying the lousy food and lousy coffee.

Betty's Diner: $40 in cash drawer $200 in safe in Betty's Office 30% chance of hearing a true rumor, 20% chance per 15 minutes that a foot policeman walks through the diner.

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