Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another beginning, another trip down Memory Lane

As Walter Winchell might report, today: "2009, Depression grips the country...."

I hope to use this Blog to post news, information and some history of the Role Playing Game, Gangbusters published by TSR Hobbies, Inc in 1982.

Me, I'm Krebs, Rick Krebs, the creator and original designer of a Role Playing game that began life as "the Bloody 20s".

I will continue to support and post at: Original D&D Discussions


  1. Cool! Glad to see that you have a Blog going. Hopefully we'll all get to hear some great stories of the genesis of the game!

  2. Oh, this is quite lovely! Something different for my blog reading and a chance to see you write about your game. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Thanks to the OD&D community for keeping the "old" RPGs alive and well.