Saturday, April 28, 2012

GangBusters News

Several years ago, per my game contract with TSR, Hasbro (present day owner of TSR) reverted the rights to "GangBusters" a/k/a Bloody 20s to me. Several weeks ago, I was contacted by James Maliszewski, of Grognardia blog , asking about the rights to "GangBusters". When I informed him that the rights had reverted to me, James (a fan of "GangBusters" from his teenage years) asked what I was planning to do about getting "GangBusters" back in print. After some initial reticence on my part, the persistent James convinced me that it was something I should explore. If only it was as simple as Captain Picard's "Make it so."

What I am asking the followers of this blog is for their thoughts on a remake of "GangBusters". What would you be looking for in a revised "GangBusters" ? Would you buy it as a Print on Demand ? Would you support a "Kickstarter" campaign ? Or should the rules book, remain the same and just be available as a Print on Demand ? Interest in new historical modules ?

Feel free to comment here or on the "Gangbuster's board" at the Original D&D Discussion Blog found here.  Your comments are appreciated.