Monday, April 27, 2009

Legendary Locale #2

The Ivyland Ballroom: A 2 story building. Restaurant and dance floor located on first floor. Business offices for the legendary "Wisconsin Chopper" are on the second floor, as are living quarters for his 5 henchmen, who are always on duty. Access to the basement is gained by asking "what time does the next train leave for Lake Geneva ?" The basement is quite large and is the location for a gambling eneterprise as well as a bar. Visitors are always frisked before going upstairs or to the "train station" in the basement.

"Wisconsin Chopper" ('The man, the myth, the legend') MS=23 AG=24 OB=76 DR=88 PR=10 LK=79 HP=19
Special Weapons ability, Driving, 3 Street Contacts, 7 Political contacts, 1 Hospital contact
Weapon: Thompson machine gun Vehicle: 3 passenger roadster
Safe House: 18th & Clark Warehouse: Canal & 18th
4 units of gambling equipment, large still (20 barrels/week)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Legendary Locales #1

Betty's Diner, ah the memories.
Betty McGill owner/cook (level 2 citizen, age=??)MS=91 AG=48 OB=96 DR=72 PR=8 LK=32 HP=18 PU=5 Police record: multiple petty crimes, 6 years in state prison
Betty is a feisty "broad", hardened by years of exposure to the rough & tumble life. Her diner is a well known hangout for low level criminals. The food is lousy and the coffee is drek. Don't mess with Betty as she carries a meat cleaver and a .38 revolver.

Mary Reagan (level 1 worker, age=17) MS=48 AG=52 OB=13 DR=29 PR=8 LK=22 HP=15 PU=1
The kind, sweet and innocent Mary Reagan, recently arrived from Ireland, doing her best to make a life in her new country. Volunteers at the animal shelter

Bob Flynn (level 1 criminal, age=22) MS=28 AG=61 OB=22 DR=50 PR=4 LK=33 HP=9 PU=4 Bald, Skills: Pickpocket=62 Hotwiring=55
Just hanging out at Betty's enjoying the lousy food and lousy coffee.

Betty's Diner: $40 in cash drawer $200 in safe in Betty's Office 30% chance of hearing a true rumor, 20% chance per 15 minutes that a foot policeman walks through the diner.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another beginning, another trip down Memory Lane

As Walter Winchell might report, today: "2009, Depression grips the country...."

I hope to use this Blog to post news, information and some history of the Role Playing Game, Gangbusters published by TSR Hobbies, Inc in 1982.

Me, I'm Krebs, Rick Krebs, the creator and original designer of a Role Playing game that began life as "the Bloody 20s".

I will continue to support and post at: Original D&D Discussions