Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roaring20s Game

Early entries in this blog showed the earliest rules for "Gangbusters". Since that time, I have uncovered the next edition of the edited rules for the game and they are available for your perusal. These pages are provided as historical reference and to provide a glimpse at the process of game design. All rights are reserved.

Roaring20s Game.pdf

Sunday, September 5, 2010

last words, Have a Happy Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend...aah sweet melancholy (or the Spanish might say "Alegria"). But, the weather's cooler, day's getting shorter and one of the last of my file boxes is opened. Several dungeons done with #2 pencil decades ago are uncovered and are unfortunately a well faded blur of nothingness. But, then nothing says 1980s like a Dot Matrix printer. There in a dusty file folder is a never before published Adventure for Gangbusters by Rick Krebs. All rights are reserved, but feel free to share in my FUN and memories.

Download GBpdf.pdf

a fitting tune for the weekend.
"Famous Last Words" by Billy Joel

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When I first submitted my design for Bloody 20s, I would have been satisfied if it was published by TSR as another game booklet, similar to the original Boot Hill, or Cavalier & Roundheads (yes, I am a fan of ECW).
I was surprised when the decision was made to give B20 the full boxed treatment and I was delighted at the map presentations.

Some facts about the maps: Bud's Garage is named after my Uncle Bud, who ran a garage and kept my first vehicles on the road at affordable prices. Virginia Place is named after my late Aunt Virginia, Bud's wife.

Hardy's fine meats was for a dear friend since grade school through college.

Pauley Construction was for a group of 5 brothers I worked with in a Cemetery, during my college years.

I always wished I could have been an observer at the "Algonquin Round Table". I am getting old...for more info, google it.

If you're smart, you can figure out the tribute of Maxwell Street. And, if you have a sense of humor you can see the potential conversations when talking to the owner of Costello's Candy Store.