Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When I first submitted my design for Bloody 20s, I would have been satisfied if it was published by TSR as another game booklet, similar to the original Boot Hill, or Cavalier & Roundheads (yes, I am a fan of ECW).
I was surprised when the decision was made to give B20 the full boxed treatment and I was delighted at the map presentations.

Some facts about the maps: Bud's Garage is named after my Uncle Bud, who ran a garage and kept my first vehicles on the road at affordable prices. Virginia Place is named after my late Aunt Virginia, Bud's wife.

Hardy's fine meats was for a dear friend since grade school through college.

Pauley Construction was for a group of 5 brothers I worked with in a Cemetery, during my college years.

I always wished I could have been an observer at the "Algonquin Round Table". I am getting old...for more info, google it.

If you're smart, you can figure out the tribute of Maxwell Street. And, if you have a sense of humor you can see the potential conversations when talking to the owner of Costello's Candy Store.

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  1. "If you're smart, you can figure out the tribute of Maxwell Street."

    I thought about it, but I think I missed it by "that much" around 99 times!