Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Future

Things have been a bit slow around here, lately. Well, there is a good reason. I have been busy, busy pondering the future. Where to from here, Rick ? The wisest man I ever worked with always said, "Life is choices". So, I ponder.

What is next for Gangbusters ? A reprint, published with my unpublished GB module ? A 5th edition, that would be kind of funny ? An entire redo, stripped to its most basic concepts ? Turning the file cabinets of materials into a textbook on game design ? Donate a free game for the Librarian's RPG project ? Return to my education roots and develop Gangbusters as an educational project ?

For now, I am still assembling files and correspondences on "the history of B20s" and looking for a personal intern to assist me in my efforts.

To you dear readers, feel free to add suggestions.


  1. Since your neighbors Jon and Kate seem to have had some success, have you considered a Reality Show approach ?

  2. Hmmm... I'd weigh in, but I must admit I've only played Gangbusters once - about 15 years ago. While I liked the style and core system of the game (IIRC), I'm not a huge fan of "straight" 20's role playing. What I mean by that is that I don't mind the era, but I prefer it to be infused with more "pulp" style: The Shadow/Doc Savage-type characters, weird fantasy-type baddies (a la Lovecraft/Long/Howard), etc. So I may not be the right man to offer advice on where to next take the game...

    (Although I will say I generally dislike "entire redo" approaches: if the game's good, playable, and has fans, why re-imagine it?)

    Whichever path you choose, I wish you luck!

  3. I never played the original, and therefore can't make much of a commentary on it, but I think a straight-up, hardcore 1920's cop vs. criminal RPG would actually be somewhat refreshing. Most games set in this era are either "weird" games like CoC, or "pulp" games that turn heroes into night-unbeatable ubermenchen. Creating an RPG that hearkens to the old gangster films like The Public Enemy, or more modern films like The Untouchables or Miller's Crossing, or even the new "Public Enemies" movie, would be an interesting experiement in stepping away from the need to fantasize everything and bring the genre down to a dirty, bloody reality.

    This would be a product that I'd definitely be interested in.

  4. @tony I like the concept of a fantasy reality show. There's a reason they call mobsters "wise guys" ;-)

    @Christopher B TY

    @Badelaire your comments reflect a lot of original players thoughts... I guess I need to publish the mechanics of running a prostitution enterprise here ?

    Keep 'em coming

  5. I loved Gangbusters as a kid -- found the more realistic tone (compared to other RPGs), as well as the period setting, very appealing. I would be quite interested in any new GB movement, be it a refurbishing, or a return to the more criminal-oriented Bloody 20s game.

    ...A textbook on game design wouldn't hurt, either... ;-)


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  7. I would also be interested to hear what sort of design changes Mark Acres brought to the table, if you wouldn't mind talking about his contributions.

  8. I would defer to Mark Acres to speak to his contribution to the game's design.