Monday, May 14, 2012

Designer's Notes #1

To view Marv's cleanup of the original B20s rules please go here . Just to get everyone on the same page at the start.

Thanks for your help Marv.

OK, a little background. This is going to be a free form and free flowing series. Don't expect many lists, but please feel free to jump in and ask questions and provide your comments.

First, I like simple rules. Second, I like simple rules.
The majority of design for Bloody 20's (GangBusters) was done while I owned and operated a game store in Pennsylvania named "Gamer's Guild". Playtesting was easy.

Now, about the playtesters, because they always influence design. A sizeable number were fans of Runequest. B20s was destined to be a Skills influenced game.

Now, about the Judge/designer. Did I mention I like simple rules ? For those who understand Myers-Briggs personality testing. I am in the 1% of 1% of Intuitives. I was born and made to be a story teller. Recently, I had a chance to read various accounts of the legendery "Braunstein"games. Dang, it was exactly like a B20s session. Though no player ever asked me what they needed to roll, they knew better 8-) If you keep your players busy enough and the action going, they automatically roll the dice and keep the story going.

The trick as GM/Judge is to get the players to forget they're playing a RP game.

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