Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scraps from the past

Taking some time away from chasing the neighborhood kids off my lawn and found a "Public Enemy" (another GB working title from TSR) file folder with these scraps of notes. Why am I doing this... hell if I know.


  1. Many, many years ago, I had heard a rumor that you had been working on two additions to Gangbusters. One was additional rules for politicians and elections and the other was a scenario about Hollywood, movie stars and the mob. Was there any validity to this rumor?

  2. Perhaps many many decades ago would be a better description 8-)

    eGG was demanding about incorporating the politics of his beloved Chicago into the game from early on. His time spent living in Beverly Hills raised an interest in adding Hollywood to the milieu. While there were preliminary discussions with eGG about additional possibilities to expand/promote "Gangbusters" they leaned more towards "Dragon" articles than modules, which I chose not to pursue. Additional work on "Gangbusters" for me would have required uprooting my family and working for TSR or D&D Entertainment. A commitment I wasn't willing to make.
    Note: Unfortunately, a subsequent basement flood destroyed all my notes on these subjects and additional material or I would gladly post them here.